Yisrael Beiteinu: Haifa giving terror advocate classified information

Yisrael Beiteinu MK Oded Forer slammed Haifa City Hall on Thursday for a reported decision to appoint Raja Za'atra to the city's civic defense committee.
"I guess the previous tempest didn't help Haifa city hall to understand who is walking in their halls and they decided to give him the biggest prize a terror supporter can hope for," Forer said, "class A intel."
Za'atra appointment as deputy mayor of Haifa in 2018 sparked outrage after he made comments in support of the Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist organizations.
Ultimately he stepped down and relinquished the role to the number two candidate in the Haifa Hadash party, Shahira Shalabi.
Za'atra still serves as a city council member.  
Pointing to a law his party submitted that forbids those who support terror from serving in Knesset, Forer said the law will be expanded until "Za'atra and his likes will not be able to set foot in city hall."
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