Ziv Hospital: Toddler with scissors stab in eye will recover

A three-year-old boy who accidentally stabbed himself in the eye with a pair of scissors that pierced the left hemisphere of his brain has "miraculously" survived with no harm even to his sight, according to doctors at Ziv Hospital in Safed. Dr. Yossi Pikkel, head of the ophthalmology department who performed surgery on the Safed child said the eye is in good shape now, and the toddler will be discharged in a few days. He arrived at the hospital on Friday with the 15-centimeter-long blade stuck through his eyelid, and into his eye and frontal brain. It was decided to operate on him immediately, minimizing all movement. Fortunately, due to the angle in which the blade entered, the brain was not damaged, and the eye could be repaired. Because of his young age, said neurosurgeon Dr. Avi Doron, who was consulted, the boy will recover quickly from the injury.