From driving to digital: Ordering, experimenting with electric vehicles in e-commerce

The electric car company Aiways recently inaugurated a unique sales center in Herzliya, emphasizing brand experience and the customer's transition to the digital world.

 Aiways U5 electric car (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Aiways U5 electric car
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The electric car brand Aiways is selling electric cars in a new way. Moving from retail to online, most recently also with cars, required the company to change its paradigm on the role of physical representation of a brand and switch from a standard showroom to an experiential brand center. 

What does Aiways do?

Aiways enables customers to coordinate booking a driving experience to the house, as well as payment in advance and a car order through the brand's e-commerce website and sales kiosks in the experience center.

"A customer who wants to have a driving experience enters the site and in five simple, short steps via a friendly interface, can coordinate an experience at a convenient day and time," explains Elhanan Yahav, Operations Manager and Inbar Nachshon, CMO of business development.

"The experiment is performed by the Aiways Pro team, who aren’t just salespeople. They’re enthusiastic experts about the product and the electric revolution who undergo training for over a month.” 

New clients now want a customer journey; they’re knowledgeable about the product and are actively involved in buying the car.

New Aiways infrastructure 

The center cost about $1 million and is spread over 400 square meters, planned and designed with a unique concept by architect Eran Ziv in collaboration with Inbar Nachshon. 

Towards the end of the year, the Aiways U6 will be imported which will be the second vehicle in mass production on the company's exclusive MAS platform. It will be sold alongside the Aiways U5.