These are the cheapest 5-star hotels in Israel and abroad

$32 dollars a night in a five-star hotel? Turns out there are places in the world where that's very much possible.

THE HERBERT Samuel Opera Hotel – a full experience in the heart of the White City. (photo credit: ASSAF PINCHUK)
THE HERBERT Samuel Opera Hotel – a full experience in the heart of the White City.
(photo credit: ASSAF PINCHUK)

There is no doubt that sometimes – whether on a family vacation or traveling with a partner – it is worth spending a couple of extra dollars to enjoy five-star hotels and get the bonus of relaxation, luxury and style.

But alas, five-star hotels have five-star pricing. But there are surprises in that regard, too. Finance company Top Dollar found quite a few affordable five-star hotels around the world, including in Israel.

Despite all of this, before you whip out your credit card, keep in mind that prices change quickly and dynamically, according to Forbes.

There is also no uniform global standard regarding the essence of a five-star hotel rating. There are even cases where hotels give the stars to themselves, regardless of standards of this kind or another. You should therefore always check user rating websites as well.

Regarding the hotels listed below, you can definitely expect five stars in terms of room sizes, facilities and services offered by the hotel. The prices indicated below are per room per night for a couple, in July 2022.

North America

The cheapest five-star hotel in North America, according to the ranking, is the Hotel 1970 Posada Guadalajara in Mexico, where the price of a room starts at $51 per night.

The hotel combines classic Mexican design with contemporary design. Hilton purchased the building in 2018 and completed a $6.5 million renovation, as well as adding a presidential suite, business lounge, rooftop sky bar, fire pits and custom-designed headboards, executed by local artists.

The cheapest option in the United States is the ADERO Scottsdale Hotel, located in a starlight reserve in the Sonoran Desert in Phoenix, Arizona. 

In addition to the stunning design, the location of the hotel makes it much more than five stars in reality. This is due to the facilities for watching the stars, and at $178 per night for a couple, that's well worth the price.

South America

If you're in Colombia and looking for a five-star hotel, look no further than the NH Collection Bogotá WTC Royal, which offers accommodation for only $73.

Located next to Bogota's World Trade Center, its rooms are soundproofed. It is also close to the parks, cafes and galleries of Parque 93 in the city.

And on the same continent is the NH Collection Plaza Santiago in Chile, which costs $110 per room. 

What else is included in the price? The fact that the hotel offers you to wake up in front of the spectacular views of the Andes.


In Europe, you can find a surprising number of relatively cheap five-star hotels, concentrated mainly in the east and center of the continent – and by cheap, we mean less than $100 per night.

For example, the beautiful Corinthia Hotel in Prague, priced at $98 per night, has a glass tower, a velvety interior design and a great spa with a swimming pool from which the beautiful views of the city can be seen.

In the UK, try out Oddfellows in the Park Hotel in the small village of Cheadle in Manchester. 

This Victorian mansion is planted in the heart of a spacious park and combines the traditional charm of yesteryear with modern bathrooms and a touch of English eccentricity.

Room rates start at $135, and are well worth the price.

Asia and Oceania

Asia, as only Asia knows, manages to bring with it the promise of ridiculously low prices when it comes to high-end hotels. Such an impressive cluster is found in India and Indonesia.

Recently, for example, you can find the Javanese Royal Surakarta Heritage Solo McGallery Collection Accor hotel which, despite the endless name, has a very modest price: A total of $32 per night.

Even in Australia, where it is a bit difficult to find hotels of this level at low prices, pearls can be discovered. For example, the Meriton Suites Chatswood offers a great location in Sydney. 

Thanks to its great height, its rooms offer spectacular views of the northern part of the city. All this, at a bargain price of $165 per night.


Africa offers a huge variety of cheap five-star hotels, but the highlight is probably the Steigenberger Achti resort in Luxor, Egypt.

At only $37 a night and situated on the east bank of the Nile, the hotel is planted in a large tropical garden and has its own anchorage.

If you're interested in Morocco, you should follow rock legends like Jimmy Hendrix, Jefferson Airline or the Rolling Stones - straight to the town of Essaouira, where you can stay at the Palais des Remparts, which has been renovated in a classic style.

The guest rooms, built right inside the walls of the old country, are offered for only $53 per night.


Finally, it is worth knowing that Israel is also mentioned in the comprehensive survey.

According to Top Dollar, the cheapest five-star hotel in Israel is the Herbert Samuel Hotel in Jerusalem. The rate shown in the original survey (July 2021) is $291 per night (approximately NIS 1,006). 

The hotel website lists a night in early July now for NIS 1,748 for a standard room. However, in October the price drops to NIS 646.