Ben Gurion University offers new MBA program for international students

"It is the internship and mentoring that makes this Program different from other programs," says academic chair.

Ben Gurion University students aim to lead Israel into a future of innovation (photo credit: DANI MACHLIS/BGU)
Ben Gurion University students aim to lead Israel into a future of innovation
(photo credit: DANI MACHLIS/BGU)

The Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management (GGFBM) at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is, as always, trailblazing in innovative management degrees and programs.

This year, the GGFBM has created yet another MBA degree, to be conducted in English. This International MBA Program IMBA offers an MBA degree together with an impactful work experience, in one year, at standard Israeli tuition rates. This is a great opportunity not only for foreign students, but particularly for Israelis of all nationalities, to study in English in an international classroom, and earn an MBA in one year from a prestigious academic institution.

“While MBA degrees are two-year programs, we at Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management have mastered instituting specialized MBA programs in one calendar year, condensing two years of courses and experience into twelve months,” explains Dr. Yotam Lurie, academic chair of the IMBA Program. “It is an ingenious way that we teach the courses with extra enrichment workshops, as well as internships, mostly in one of two fields: Innovation & Entrepreneurship, or in Social Enterprise & Sustainability – it is the internship and mentoring that makes this Program different from other programs.”


Dean of the GGFBM Prof. Oded Lowengart clarifies: “This gives the students the extra edge of fast-tracking to great careers that are injected with civic and community involvement, oriented to bettering society through innovative, creative management. They will already have networked into their future leadership roles.”


The GGFBM, BGU and Beer Sheva are renowned as a vibrant learning and social environment. “In point of fact, BGU is the only university in Israel with a real campus, campus life and spirit, and a strong, active student union,” Dr. Lurie exclaims. The program faculty comprise foremost Israeli as well as visiting scholars from top institutions around the world.”


Situated in Beer-Sheva, the geographic center of Israel, BGU is at the hub of interdisciplinary research and scientific innovation with R&D centers, technology transfer, accelerators and incubators, as well as being the cyber capital of the region. The GGFBM comprises an uncommon mix of academic departments and programs offering diverse BA, MBA and PhD degrees, and is committed to social and environmental responsibility that responds to the challenges of local and global development. This vision attracts students and researchers with innovative reasoning along with a social, civic conscience and involvement. The GGFBM serves as a foundation and inspiration for the Israeli business leadership of the 21st century.


The study program is an integrative one geared especially for students from a variety of academic backgrounds, including both Israeli students and international students. Such an array of backgrounds enriches the learning experience through a multicultural environment and diversification.


All IMBA students take a core module of courses in the business disciplines of Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Finance, Operations Management, Accounting and Business Strategy, followed by advanced training in each of the business disciplines as well as in current business development. The study program is further enhanced by vital advanced workshops by visiting scholars at the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business Management.


Program Start dates are mid-January 2018 and mid September, 2018.

Further information, inquiries, applications:


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