Do you have an eye for detail? wants your photos

In cooperation with photo-sharing site million eyez, we want to deliver to the world a street-level view of our coverage.

A model poses with a camera (photo credit: REUTERS/INA FASSBENDER)
A model poses with a camera
 Are you an amateur photographer? Do you use your phone for more than just selfies?  do you feel you have the skills to contribute to the Jerusalem Post's coverage?
If so, now is the time to take to take out your camera, take to the streets and start shooting. The Jerusalem Post is proud to announce a new cooperation with Israeli startup million eyez. Based out of Ramat Gan, million eyez is a photo-sharing social network that enables photographers to share their best work with other enthusiasts as well as publishers and get their images seen by millions of people.
After a simple and free registration process, you will be able to browse mllion eyez's massive bank of photos and contribute your own photos to the site. Many of the photos on the site are part of galleries (called photoboxes). Once on you can view and rate other users and share your photos with them or create a photobox of your own and urge others to contribute.
How to upload your photos
How to upload your photos
Below are some of the galleries opened by the Jerusalem Post. If you have a gem hidden in your photo library that think would add to it, don't wait. Click the camera icon on the bottom right of the image, sign up and within minutes your image will be out there for everyone to see.

Please submit high quality photos of Jerusalem as you see it. From the historical landmarks to the markets to the alleys, we want to see it all.


In time for National Book Week, please send us your best photos that highlight the written word.


They tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat. This slogan captures the essence of Jewish holidays. Share with us your best Jewish food-related photos.

The strange, surreal and bizarre surrounds us everywhere we go. Please send us your best photos that give reality a twist.

Note that all photos are subject to review by Millioneyez and Jpost staff. Inappropriate photos will not be published.