Israeli jewelry firm launches blockchain-based investment protection

Jerusalem-based Yvel brings a luxury touch to NFT technology

 Diamonds, cryptocurrency and blockchain (Illustrative). (photo credit:
Diamonds, cryptocurrency and blockchain (Illustrative).
(photo credit:

Fine jewelry has always been considered a classic gift to commemorate academic, professional and especially romantic milestones in life. But are the tides changing to share something less glamorous and more practical? A recent phenomenon of gifting shares in a company or investment vehicle has grown in popularity as a monetary gift for the financially minded.

Gifting stocks or potential wealth-building assets are an appealing alternative to those that might view high-value material gifts as frivolous, but what if you could enjoy the benefits of both? After all, certain luxury goods and jewelry have a proven capability to outperform traditional investments despite the wide perception of them being superficial.

Yvel, a family-owned jewelry business based in Jerusalem, is stepping into the financial-products world following 36 years of operations. With the launch of Independent Non-Fungible Security (INFS), Yvel is merging digital assets and investments and real-world customizable guarantees to create a unique financial instrument. INFS combines non-fungible token (NFT) technology with an additional layer of investment protection by tying each digital security to a physical luxury product.

For those curious, the initial INFS assets issued by Yvel take the form of 5,000 24-karat gold coins, each of which includes unique placements of precious gems. Each of these physical coins grant holders digital ownership tools that allow them to retain the investment and gain other perks using NFT technology.

The INFS platform will be open for any company to utilize, allowing the freedom to customize guarantees – offering rewards from products, experiences, subscription services or profit-sharing. This distinct framework allows investors and customers of a company to hold INFS and profit, trade to other buyers, or redeem the coin for $10,000 worth of Yvel jewelry.

 NFT (illustrative). (credit: PIXABAY) NFT (illustrative). (credit: PIXABAY)

Crypto and blockchain

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are often seen as a young person’s game. For generations that have witnessed countless bubbles and investment fads pass by, the recent bear market might prompt them to dismiss digital assets altogether. INFS is bridging these two worlds and offers an enticing safety net for crypto-averse investors to explore the possibilities of blockchain investments. Yvel is utilizing its heritage and expertise in luxury craftsmanship to provide protection guarantees in the form of a precious commodity with a proven value that is uncorrelated to stocks and crypto markets.

If combining technology and financial instruments with opulent jewelry seems a bit dubious, don’t be fooled. Luxury goods, once viewed as extravagant, now have a reappraisal for their efficacy as an investment tool. And this is not exclusively for the fashion-forward. Distinguished financial advisers now offer guides on building collections of handbags and heirloom-level jewelry as part of a diverse financial portfolio.

The INFS project is currently in its Genesis phase, with accredited investors now able to purchase 2,500 of the initial 5,000 gold tokens available. Though the purchase price of $10,000 dollars might cause sticker shock, early accredited investors can earn up to 25% of the profits made by the platform and engrave the coin to their specifications. The price includes the physical Yvel coin and the ability to trade in the asset for $10,000 worth of Yvel jewelry and the right to the profits earned by Yvel coin.

Yvel’s foray into the finance and blockchain world serves as the next step of the company’s history. Founded in 1986 by Isaac and Orna Levy, the business has grown into a leader in Israel’s jewelry scene, with innovations in both artful jewelry creation and social responsibility. The brand has been spotted on red carpets around the world and accumulated prestigious awards for their remarkable designs all handcrafted at its headquarters in Jerusalem.

Additionally, Yvel emphasizes nurturing and supporting talent from new immigrant communities and underrepresented groups. The Jerusalem atelier houses the Megemeria School of Jewelry and Art, an academy dedicated to encouraging Ethiopian immigrants to harness their talent and skills in jewelry craftsmanship and design. Student-created pieces from the Megemeria School are sold by Yvel in an exclusive collection, with proceeds used to maintain operations and allow more students to join the program.

In both the literal and metaphorical sense, INFS and Yvel are providing a diamond in the rough. As investors wade cautiously back into the crypto space, having the option to hold assets tied to tried-and-true physical counterparts is a viable and accessible way to move forward as the industry recovers.