Iconic former Discount building in Tel Aviv to get new lease on life

First Discount Bank branch receives makeover into seven-floor tech hub with renowned Mersand Café, CrossFit, and rooftop cocktail bar.

 MAPU Tel Aviv (photo credit: VIEWPOINT)
MAPU Tel Aviv
(photo credit: VIEWPOINT)

One of Tel Aviv’s most historic buildings is receiving a new makeover. The newly renovated iconic Discount Bank building, to be named “MAPU Tel Aviv,” is located at the intersection of Ben Yehuda and Mapu Streets. The building, which was the location of the iconic bank robbery scene in the 1975 cult classic Israeli film, Snooker, has featured in a range of Israeli cultural productions. 

Located a stone’s throw from Gordon Beach, situated on the future Purple Line of Tel Aviv’s light rail and within walking distance of Dizengoff Square, it is currently in the final stages of renovation and conversion into a new tech hub. 

Spread over 2,100 square meters and offering seven floors of office space, it is due to open to the public in the coming weeks. In addition to offices, the building will host indoor shops, a state-of-the-art-gym and CrossFit venue, and a shared roof space and cocktail bar looking out over the city – with a kosher branch of Tel Aviv’s renowned Mersand Café opening on the ground floor. 

MAPU Tel Aviv (Credit: VIEWPOINT)MAPU Tel Aviv (Credit: VIEWPOINT)

The space has been designed in collaboration with acclaimed interior designer Eran Naim, whose extensive portfolio includes projects for industry giants such as Samsung, Decathlon, Migdal and Payoneer. Offices are available for rent at NIS 150 per meter, or NIS 180 per meter fully designed. 

Benny Levin, MAPU Project Director: “This construction project is unique because we wanted to preserve the external features of the building while creating a new look suitable for companies looking to create a special work environment for their employees in the beating heart of Tel Aviv. Companies taking up space in the building will enjoy many services, including a state-of-the-art gym and CrossFit facility, a rooftop cocktail bar for company events and a new branch of the Tel Aviv landmark Mersand Café.”        

MAPU Tel Aviv (Credit: VIEWPOINT)MAPU Tel Aviv (Credit: VIEWPOINT)

For more information visit https://www.maputlv.com/