Crowd-funding platform iAngels targets the next level

Crowd funding is becoming more and more common, and yet the ability of start-ups and investors to connect with one another around the globe is not an easy task.

Mor Assia is flanked by Darya Fuks (left) and Shelly Hod Moyal. (photo credit: COURTESY IANGELS)
Mor Assia is flanked by Darya Fuks (left) and Shelly Hod Moyal.
(photo credit: COURTESY IANGELS)
Angel equity- investing crowd-funding platform iAngels provides accredited investors around the world access to exclusive deals backed by Israel’s top-performing early-stage investors. The terms are previously negotiated with iAngels’ hands-on involvement.
The founders, Mor Assia and Shelly Hod Moyal, leverage their analytics, visibility and relationships with angels and entrepreneurs to open a closed network of professional investors to the investing public. The team combines proven experience of professional angel investors with due diligence and analysis; iAngels offers investors the most attractive early-stage investment opportunities in the “Start-up Nation” In an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post, we talked about the company’s activity.
“We enable start-ups and investor to get together by offering them good communication platforms, thus saving them time and money in the process of establishing the preliminary connection,” Assia said. “IAngels is the only platform enabling private investors to co-invest with Start-up Nation’s leading angels and gain access to exclusive early-stage opportunities.”
“We are happy to announce the appointment of Darya Fuks as portfolio manager,” she said.
Fuks, a former vice president in J.P. Morgan’s investment bank, will lead iAngels’s deal flow and due diligence activities for future investments, as well as business development efforts for all iAngels portfolio companies.
As an investment banker who has worked in both the US and Israel, Fuks has years of experience advising and executing on corporate-finance transactions globally, including capital raising, mergers and acquisitions. She will report directly to Assia and Hod Moyal.
“Fuks is a consummate investment professional,” Hod Moyal said. “Her experience is global in scope, having built international relationships with key strategic partners and private-equity investors, alongside a deep understanding of the Israeli investment landscape. We are thrilled to have her join the iAngels team during this exciting period of rapid growth.”
“As iAngels continues its global expansion, Fuks’s experience leading IPOs, publicfollow-ons, private placements and due-diligence efforts will play an integral role in creating value for investors and startups alike,” Assia said. “By applying a high level of intellectual rigor to the screening process, deal structures, future funding rounds and development of exit opportunities, Fuks will increase the valuations of our portfolio companies and thus the returns for our investors.”
After starting her career in New York at J.P. Morgan as an analyst in the technology, media and telecom group, Fuks followed her passion for technology and moved to Israel in 2009. She shifted her focus to the Israeli market, working closely with investors and management teams at companies of all sizes, including start-ups and large corporates.
“It is a very exciting time to be investing in Israeli start-ups,” Fuks said. “The quality of innovative companies sprouting in this small country is simply unmatched. IAngels is uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology, finance and investment management. Shelly and Mor’s intelligent and transparent approach to creating value for their stakeholders has long-term sustainability, and I’m looking forward to helping them execute their vision and grow the company together.”