Government looks to hi-tech

For the first time, the Health Ministry will launch a collaboration with Jerusalem startup companies.

Israel hi-tech (photo credit: REUTERS)
Israel hi-tech
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Leading Israeli influencer marketing company LDRS has sold part of its business to Intango, an advertising network and technology company that is one of the world’s leaders in the digital-media tech industry. This partial acquisition will enable LDRS to create content and promote brands on social networks such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.
In addition, LDRS will now have access to Intango’s smart optimization capabilities and be able to offer the global market new possibilities on the global market. Some its customers include Samsung, L’Oreal Paris, Huawei, McCann Valley, Reuveni Pridan, Avram, Publicis, Lee Cooper, Smashbox, Reebok, Perrier, Seat, Twentyfourseven, Castro and Renuar.
“In a field where everyone works according to intuition and gut feelings, LDRS is based on a powerful technological infrastructure,” LDRS CEO Eran Nizri said. “We have developed the Google of influencers, and through it we can map out, identify and assess the influence of all the people who fill your feed on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest.
“Our campaigns are based on a meticulously segmented team of influencers, whose communities of followers fit like a glove to the brands that they promote. Our global vision integrates like a dream with Intango’s capabilities, which will now be our technological arms.”
Intango cofounder and CMO Felix Leshno said: “This investment in LDRS is consistent with the vision of Intango: offering creative technological solutions to both advertisers and owners of digital assets and most importantly to the target audiences who consume their content. Among other things, this can be done through entering complementary fields that rely on our technological development capabilities.”
Intango is an Israeli ad-tech company that operates in the international market, developing smart technologies for the optimization and presentation of Internet ads. It also operates and manages platforms that allow advertisers and owners of Internet assets to manage their campaigns independently.
Intango was established in 2007 as a startup by three partners in a small room in Or Yehuda. It grew without external investors, and today it employs approximately 100 people. The company’s headquarters, including its development labs, are located in Ramat Hahayal. Intango works with more than 20,000 websites and app owners around world, with some 2 billion ads viewed per day.
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Health Ministry reaches out to startups
For the first time, the Health Ministry will launch a collaboration with Jerusalem startup companies. In an effort to promote digital innovation in the health system, the ministry is looking for startups in the field of digital health and wants to assist them in applying their technological solutions and devices in Israeli hospitals and health clinics.
The ministry is making great efforts to overcome overcrowding in hospitals (especially in emergency rooms and internal medicine wards) to treat diseases caused by lack of prevention and obesity and to rectify medical errors, including the misidentification of patients. To this end, it has publicized three tenders for startups. These projects will be exempt from customary bureaucratic red tape with respect to requirements and will be implemented in a timely fashion.
Last week, the JVP Media Quarter in Jerusalem held an event to introduce local startups to Health Ministry officials. Some of the startups participating were PresenTens, AtoBe, SifTech, MassChallenge, Made in JLM, Jnext and Bio Jerusalem. Similar meetings are slated to take place in Nazareth and Tel Aviv.
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Translated by Hannah Hochner.