Israeli company lends surveillance technology to US defense and security

Israel-based companies Israel Aerospace Industries and SkySapience are working to bring the HoverMast-100 to the USA.

Sky Sapience HoverMast-100  (photo credit: SKY SAPIENCE)
Sky Sapience HoverMast-100
(photo credit: SKY SAPIENCE)
Two major Israel-based companies have signed an agreement  to bring Israeli surveillance technology to the United States, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced Monday.
IAI and SkySapience will develop, market and produce new tethered hovering aerial systems that will be geared towards defense, homeland security and commercial markets. The tethered aerial system will be able to elevate in a matter of seconds and stay in the air for an unlimited period of time, while the electric power supply on the ground. The unmanned aerial system reduces logistical footprint dramatically and simplifies the output process for results.
The Hoverlite, a US derivative of the Sky Sapience HoverMast-100 is currently on display at the Atlanta, GA AUVSI Unmanned Systems 2015. In 2014, SK Sapience and Stark Aerospace signed a cooperation for the US market, and since then they introduced the HoverLite aerial system.
”We see significant potential for advanced tethered systems for the Military, HLS  and commercial markets," Shaul Shahar, IAI Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Military Aircraft Group, said. "We plan to jointly market these innovative solutions and provide unique capabilities worldwide.”
Sky Sapience is a company located in Yokneam, specializing in 360 degree, 24-hour surveillance that contracts their work to international markets.