New Iranian video game lets players shoot missiles at Israel

The game, entitled "Missile Strike," was released on Friday in conjunction with the celebration of International Quds Day.

Iranian Zelzal missile launch (photo credit: REUTERS)
Iranian Zelzal missile launch
(photo credit: REUTERS)
While the Iranian negotiation team is deep in talks to secure a nuclear deal, the Iranian techies too, have been hard at work on their latest technological advancement: a cellphone game that simulates missile strikes into Israel.
The game, entitled "Missile Strike," was released on Friday, in conjunction with International Quds Day,  an annual event of fiery anti-Israel protests in Iran held on the last Friday of Ramadan, initiated by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Islamic Republic’s founder, in 1979.
According to FARS news agency, the game simulates real life Iranian missiles, such as the Zelzal, the Zolfaqar and the Sejjil missiles, and offers their players the opportunity to shoot them into Israel and destroy Israeli targets.
"In this game, users break into the Zionist regime's air defense and target Israel," FARS quoted game production product manager Mehdi Atash Jaam as saying.
Explaining the motivation behind the game's development, Atash Jaam told FARS that it was in response to the console video game "Battlefield," created by a Swedish video game developer. It includes scenes simulating attacks on Tehran and its Milad Tower.
This is Iran's third three-dimensional video game since 2009.
Lieutenant commander of the Army for Cultural and Public Relations Affairs, Seyed Mohammad Reza Vahadi, expressed his hope to FARS that the game's improvement from its previous two in the fields of human intelligence would help attract video-game buffs from around the world.
According to  AFP,  another version of the game, "Battle in Gul Aden"  unveiled in 2012, gave its players the opportunity to take on the role of an Iranian commando responsible for fighting and killing pirates in the Gulf of Aden and then destroy their hideouts to ultimately find and kill the ring leader. "Battle in Gulf of Aden" was the most visited and sold game in Iran's history.