Smart home appliances arrive in Israel

Siemens's foray into Internet of Things for the home is part of a growing trend in the tech industry.

single-cup coffee makers (photo credit: PR)
single-cup coffee makers
(photo credit: PR)
Life is about to get a little simpler for those Israelis with deep pockets and a love of gadgets.
For the first time, smart home appliances will be available, as German appliance giant Siemens brings its line of smart ovens, washing machines, coffee makers and dishwashers to the Jewish state. The appliances can be controlled remotely through a mobile device app.
Siemens’s foray into Internet of Things for the home is part of a growing trend in the tech industry.
Apple, for example, recently unveiled its own Home app, to be released with the next update to its mobile operating system, iOS 10, this month.
The app is meant to be compatible with a variety of offthe- shelf products that can be controlled from one’s smartphone or tablet.
Siemens says that its smart appliances are the first of their kind to be sold in Israel.
Through its Home Connect app (available on both Apple and Android platforms), users will be able to operate the appliances in a variety of futuristic ways.
They’ll be able, for example, to turn on the oven when they’re on their way home, or turn it off if they’ve forgotten to after dinner. If the temperature needs to be adjusted, it can be done from the living room instead of the kitchen.
They’ll be able to program the coffee maker, turn appliances on and off, adjust the signal noise on the washing machine and choose what cycles it runs.
The app will also monitor energy usage and provide helpful reminders when it’s time to buy dishwasher detergent.
For the less technologically savvy, it will even provide instructional videos and usage manuals for the appliances.
It offers recipes for baked goods that can be cooked to perfection in the programmable oven. Put the frozen chicken in the morning before heading to work, let it thaw all day in the oven, and fire it up when you head home, the company offers as an example.
The coffee machine makes different kinds of drinks to order; a host could input how each of his guests wants his coffee and the machine is ready to prepare them, one at a time.
But don’t expect the appliances to come cheaply; the washing machine will start at NIS 7,990 while the coffee machine will go for a cool NIS 21,990.