Startup Optimalya launches world's first marketplace for content recommendations

Optimalya states that the most engaging area of content recommendations has been left untouched.

Startup Optimalya (photo credit: Courtesy)
Startup Optimalya
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Startup company Optimalya announced this week that it has developed the world’s first marketplace for content recommendations.
Optimalya - Content Recommendation SSP
While online publishers optimize every placement on their websites and open them to real time bidding of numerous ad networks, Optimalya states that the most engaging area of content recommendations has been left untouched.
"You know those stories at the end of an article? It’s one of the hottest fields in the hi-tech industry, where companies like Outbrain and Taboola have raised over $200 million combined," Optimalya asserts.
With Optimalya, publishers do not have to choose a single provider, since it connects web and mobile publishers to multiple content networks and increases their revenues substantially. Optimalya’s live Beta yielded excellent results and the team is now raising seed funds to accelerate growth.
The multi-billion content marketing arena attracts growing budgets with its native ads allure and penetration to lucrative publishers. Following the footsteps of the mature advertising market, the content recommendation market is ready for real time bidding and efficient marketplaces to improve results.
Optimalya completed extensive research and development and it is in a live Beta. Leading publishers and content networks are connected and first actual results are highly promising. The official launch, to be followed by accelerated marketing, is planned for Q3 2015.
Optimalya was co-founded by Tomer Treves, who has a decade of experience in leading positions in the online marketing and advertising industry. He holds two degrees and is a Captain (reserve) in an elite intelligence IDF unit. Co-founder Kostya Volkov has 14 years of experience in advanced development, including as CTO of a successful startup in the mobile industry.