Though replaced by Bar Raphaeli at Fox, Esti Ginzburg, who in her time replaced Yael Bar Zohar at the same company, is not weeping.

Bar Rafaeli 88 248 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Bar Rafaeli 88 248
(photo credit: Courtesy)
JOINING SURVIVOR reality shows has become an almost instant road to fame, netting survivors not only the prizes offered by such shows but also contracts as presenters for companies producing and/or selling a diverse range of merchandise. Among the more recent beneficiaries of such a contract was Muli Kartzo, who has been signed up by Gibor Sabrina to be the presenter for Fixmen, the company's trendy line of men's underwear. WITH RUMORS rife about the breakup of her marriage to actor Aki Avni, no one is sure if and when actress and model Sandy Bar will return to California, where she and Avni made their home after their much publicized marriage. But if things are not going well domestically, there is some comfort in the fact that the powers that be at the New Hamashbir LeTzarchan believe Bar made a significant contribution to their sales turnover this past season. They have signed her up as their winter presenter in all departments, as well as in the cosmetics department of NewPharm, which is now part of the Hamashbir Group, for an estimated NIS 350,000. HONIGMAN IS equally pleased with Melanie Peres and has signed her up for another season. But she won't be earning anywhere near the sum that Bar will receive from Hamashbir; her contract will add only $65,000 to her earnings. THOUGH REPLACED by Bar Raphaeli at Fox, Esti Ginzburg, who in her time replaced Yael Bar Zohar at the same company, is not weeping. She has no reason to be, because Tagwoman was delighted to take her on as its presenter for the next three seasons for a reported NIS 1 million, and agreed to schedule photo shoots and live presentations around her army service. That's a pretty good deal when you're still a teenager. MEANWHILE, NOT content with merely representing Fox, Bar Raphaeli has also signed on the dotted line with Hurley, the company known around the world for its classy but casual creations for surfers. The shoot for both the catalogue and the video clip took place in Brazil . Details of how much Raphaeli will get for this gig have not been disclosed. ALTHOUGH SHE runs her own very successful cosmetics business, model Shelly Gafni could hardly say no when Golbary offered her $100,000 to be the presenter for its winter 2009 campaign. According to Moshe Golbary, Gafni symbolizes the contemporary woman for Golbary's clientele, which is why she was asked to return for a second season as the company's presenter. SPANISH FASHION producer Zara, which is known all over the world and has 16 retail outlets in malls throughout Israel, is exploring the possibility of opening another store - possibly in Jerusalem - to cater to downtown pedestrian traffic. Mango, another Spanish fashion chain that is growing fast, globally and in Israel, already has a popular branch in the capital's open-sky Mamilla Mall, which is on the edge of downtown, around the corner from City Hall. NAUTICA IS another international fashion chain that is broadening its base in Israel by opening five new stores at an investment of NIS 3m. The stores will be located in the new Azrieli Mall in Modi'in, Dizengoff Center and malls in Givat Shmuel, Eilat and Kfar Saba. Nautica is part of the SBN Group, which in turn is part of the Brill Group, which has teamed up with the Sakal Group. EDEN TEVA MARKET killed not two but three birds with one stone. It added to ecological awareness by substituting green cloth shopping bags for the plastic bags that will soon be disappearing from supermarkets, it promoted its own interests through the logos on the bags, and it did a good deed by sending out some 300,000 bags of fruit and vegetables to senior-citizen facilities in the three areas near its stores. Investment in this overall marketing operation, according to Eden Teva Market CEO Guy Provisor, was NIS 1m. The company plans to open 10 more stores over the next two years at an estimated investment of NIS 150m. TOBLERONE, THE internationally known triangular-shaped Swiss chocolate bar flavored with honey and nougat, is this year celebrating its centenary. Swiss chocolate, because of its quality, is highly regarded throughout the world, and Toblerone has obviously stood the test of time. In Israel, during the month of July, Blue Square and YOU have been marking Toblerone's 100th anniversary by charging only NIS 10 per bar. FOR THE fifth consecutive year, Bank Hapoalim is investing a large chunk of money to encourage the junior members of the People of the Book to become the Children of the Book. Reading is a pastime, which if not encouraged in childhood is unlikely to be taken up in adulthood. Fully aware of this, Bank Hapoalim is spending NIS 10m. on one million books plus a promotional campaign that costs NIS 3m. to get the younger generation to read books. The three-month campaign is being held in conjunction with Steimatzky and YES, in addition to which Bank Hapoalim has recruited three of the younger fry's most popular celebrities - Tzipi Shavit, Harel Skaat and Michael Lewis - to read some of the books on television. To make reading even more worthwhile, the campaign is accompanied by an Internet quiz that offers valuable prizes of consoles, play stations, portable DVD players, movie tickets, books and more, with the first prize a round-trip flight to Eilat, including a fun day with one of the three stars participating in the project.