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IT'S THE height of the wedding season, and those who are getting married can take advantage of a deal offered by the flower chain Zer4U.

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PANTENE HAS a special deal on its big 750 ml. bottles of Pro-V shampoos and conditioners, now sold for NIS 27 instead of NIS 37. This deal includes the limited summer edition of the Pantene shampoo and conditioner, which provides extra moisturizers and protects hair from getting dull from the sun. The deal lasts until the end of July. Another way to get a smaller, 200 ml. bottle of Pantene shampoo is to buy a package of Crest Whitestrips, a treatment that will brighten your teeth in just 14 days. With each package, you will now get the small bottle of shampoo for free. IF YOUR small children are into the World Cup soccer mania, they might enjoy the Go Goal Ole! Soccer game from M&C Toy Center, suitable for kids age three-and-up. There are six different games in this series, with toy players equipped with a flexible leg to kick the ball into a goal. They are also divided into groups with shirts in the team colors of the best national team squads (Argentina, England, Brazil, Germany, Italy or France). The games include a little goal net and one or more balls, depending on the model. Prices for Go Goal Ole! vary from NIS 24.95 to NIS 399.95. ANOTHER GADGET for soccer fans who cannot get enough of it is a Duracell Bunny, complete with a football and dressed in a shirt with the logo "FIFA World Cup Germany 2006," which comes with a 10-pack of Duracell AAA-batteries. The special World Cup-edition of Duracell batteries is available until July 5 at the SuperPharm chain for NIS 28. MORE-PE IS a handy little spray bottle of mouth refresher, which can easily fit in your pocketbook. You can take the spray on trips or to the office. A 15 ml. Mor-Pe spray bottle, available at pharmacies, costs NIS 17. WASHING YOUR hair with carrots may seem a little weird, but Roots has carrot oil shampoo for dry to very dry hair, featuring pictures of carrot on the bottle. The shampoo is good for hair that is damaged by the hot sun rays, and contains pro-vitamin A, and the vitamins B, D, E, C and K. A 400 ml. bottle of Roots shampoo is NIS 19.90. IT'S THE height of the wedding season, and those who are getting married can take advantage of a deal offered by the flower chain Zer4U. Everyone who orders flower arrangements for the big day at this store will enjoy flowers for a few weeks after the wedding. Zer4U will offer the couple a bouquet during the four weekends after the wedding - a gift worth NIS 500. This deal is valid until the end of July. LIFE, THE private brand of the SuperPharm chain, has a new hand and body soap with the very summery coconut fragrance, an addition to the other Life soaps with the fragrances musk, cherry tree, and green fields. The soap is enriched with pro-Vitamin B3 and moisturizer, and leaves the skin feeling soft and vaguely smelling of coconut. aA500 ml. bottle, with pump dispenser, is NIS 9, and a package of two is NIS 16. THE AMERICAN company Nuby now markets baby bottles in Israel that do not contain Bisphenol A, a damaging material found in some baby bottles that apparently could dissolve when the bottle is heated up and, thus, enter the baby's blood stream. The bottles feature the patented Nuby Non-Drip nipple, promising there will be no leaks and no dripping. The nipple also contains a valve that allows baby to control the flow rate of the liquid in the bottle. A three-pack of the Nuby Non-Drip Bottles is NIS 59.90. CASTRO HAS a new line of very sexy lingerie, promoted as Castro-Designed for Desire. The lingerie line consists of body-hugging camisoles and matching panties in different shapes (bikini, string, etc.). The main colors are white, cream and green, and you also can find panther prints in brown and blue. A lot of the models have romantic lace trimmings, satin ribbons or embroidered motives. The price for the camisoles in the Castro Lingerie line varies from NIS 89.90 to NIS 99.90, and the panties are NIS 39.90-59.90. IF YOU'RE considering putting in a new kitchen and you like the Regba kitchen models, you better hurry up to a Regba branch to take advantage of a deal where you will get some electric appliances for free. If you buy a Regba kitchen before July 15, the store will offer you NIS 8,000 towards the purchase of appliances made by the top-brand Rosi res. Regba has 15 branches nationwide. TO MAKE sure your important documents, such as passport and ticket, or even your sleeping bag won't get wet when traveling or hiking, the Rikochet stores offer different-sized bags made by Exped. Exped has three different models, which can be sealed off with special straps. Some models have a soft inner lining that will protect, for example, digital cameras or a lap top from impact. The prices for the Exped bags vary from NIS 29.90 to NIS 89.90. HEPI HAS two new toilet cleaning blocks that you hang inside the toilet bowl. The Hepi W.C. Oxy cleans and disinfects the bowl with every flush, and dissipates a fresh smell while the Hepi Clear Blue toilet blocks also clean the bowl and colors the water slightly blue with every flush. A three-pack of Hepi Oxy is NIS 12, and a two-pack of Hepi Clear Blue is NIS 18. IF YOU want to spend one of the first days of your child's vacation in a furniture store for kids, to think about the design for his/her room for the next school year, 5 Negarim has a one-day offer to lure you (or more accurately, your child) into one of their branches. On July 3, everyone who buys children's room furniture (a bed, closet, desk etc.) for NIS 7,500 or more will receive an MP4 player worth NIS 550 for free. 5 Negarim has branches in Rishon Le Zion, Ramat-Gan, Netanya and Haifa.