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With each purchase of a six-pack of Goldstar beer you can purchase a large umbrella with a diameter of two meters for only NIS 10.

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PREGNANT WOMEN who want to soothe their unborn babies can check out the Musical Mexican Bola - a pendant that emits a special chime when the mother walks around - now on sale at Motherland stores. The comforting sound of the chime is supposedly audible even to a fetus from around 20 weeks, and will continue to comfort the baby after birth. The Mexican Bola is available in a small, plain version (NIS 99); a larger model (NIS 120); and decorated with an engraved dolphin, moon, star or heart (NIS 110-130). AIRWICK HAS some new air fresheners that don't just spray fragrance in the air, but also neutralize the existing bad odor to leave a fresh smell. Airwick Odor Stop is a light fragrance that can be used in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens or to eliminate pet smells. It is available in Sun Splash, a light citrus flower smell and Mountain Air. The spray costs NIS 17 for a 300 ml. bottle. IF YOU want to make sure you don't get burned while resting on the beach this summer, you can take advantage of a deal that provides a discount price on a nice, big sun umbrella when buying a six-pack of Goldstar beer. With each purchase of a six-pack (bottles or cans) you can purchase a large umbrella with a diameter of two meters for only NIS 10. IF YOU do get burned by the sun, soothing aloe vera gel can provide some relief. Skingard has a 100% aloe vera gel that will soothe burned and irritated skin. The gel absorbs quickly and doesn't feel sticky. It also can be used for mosquito bites. A 200 ml. tube of Skingard aloe vera gel costs NIS 36. IF YOUR young children need a little encouragement to brush their teeth, you can try the new CTS toothpaste illustrated with Superman, as a tie-in to the new movie featuring the "Man of Steel" (Superman Returns). It is enriched with fluoride, and has a fresh fruity flavor, so while Superman is fighting for "truth, justice and the American way," he can also make your kids reach for the brush more often. A 50 ml. tube of the CTS toothpaste is NIS 12.49. IF YOU'RE looking for some new bosom buddies, the Pitu'im (Seductions) lingerie stores are offering a bra with padding of air and baby oil, for a more natural look and soft feeling. The baby oil, an unusual element in bra padding, makes the bra flexible and light, as well as comfortable. Pitu'im has nine branches in Israel (call 08-623-8169 to find out if there's one near you). The prices for these bras, which come in sizes 65B to 80C, vary from NIS 299 to NIS 369. A LOT of kids have cell phones these days, and there's a market for accessories especially aimed at young customers. Sygnet markets a range of cute Disney cell phone accessories that have practical, as well as decorative purposes, such as mobile phone cases, lanyards, front panels, stands and small chains with little figurines that are like a piece of jewelry to decorate your phone. The decorations include characters such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Poo, Tigger, Donald Duck, etc. You can find the accessories in the SuperPharm chain, Office Depot, and Toys "R" Us. Prices range from NIS 20 to NIS 50. IF YOU feel like you absolutely have to listen to music even while you're swimming, the Finis SwiMP3 will bring you the solution. This device sits at the back of your head and is attached to the strings of your goggles. The SwiMP3 has a memory of 128 MB, and it can be connected to the USB port of a computer to download music. The SwiMP3 is sold at Bug computer stores for NIS 996, so you better keep an eye on it while at the pool. VINTAGE MAKES a fragrant hand cream with a subtle aroma of lemon, figs and vanilla. The cream has a sun protection factor of 15, and will also protect your hands from the damaging effects of sun rays. It takes a little time before it's absorbed in the skin, even though it's supposedly light. A 120 ml. jar of the fig-lemon-vanilla hand cream is NIS 39. You can find Vintage stores in Tel Aviv and Hod HaSharon. The stores also sell soaps, creams, candles, oils, etc. Until July 15, if you buy two products in the store, you can get the third for free. A GOOD and old-fashioned treat for kids during the hot summer months are pop ices - basically frozen juice in different flavors. Karmit has small pop ices in the flavors lemon, raspberry and grape, which contain natural food colorings and are enriched with Vitamin C. A box of 10 ices is NIS 5.49, and an economy-size box of 40 ices is NIS 10.49. DONNA KARAN'S perfume Be Delicious is delicious indeed, and the special edition called Be Delicious Message of Hope that is now for sale at SuperPharm stores will not only put you in a good mood, but help a good cause, as well. Two percent of each sale will be donated to UNICEF, providing relief to children all over the world. The bottle has the same apple-shape as the original Be Delicious, although the bottom-half is not green, but silver-colored, and inscribed with a special message intended to make it a collector's item. The price for a 100 ml. bottle of Be Delicious for women is NIS 425, and a 100 ml. bottle of Be Delicious for men is NIS 380. MORE GOOD deeds are also being encouraged by the Rami Lee pregnancy stores, which are now collecting used maternity clothes still in good shape, and donating them to Wizo. Until July 12, you can donate maternity clothes at one of the Rami Lee branches and receive a coupon worth NIS 50 that can be used towards the purchase of maternity clothes at the store for those spending NIS 250 or more. The coupon is valid until the end of July. IF YOU want to do your own manicure and pedicure and give your hands and feet a nice treat, Zo 1 has a package consisting of a hand cream, a foot cream and a little brush with a pumice stone on the back to treat calluses, at the attractive price of NIS 70 instead of NIS 137. The cellular hand cream and the cellular foot cream contain shea butter, cacao butter, tea tree oil, bee wax and sweet almond extract, among other ingredients. The hand cream is very rich and needs to be rubbed in well, while the foot cream feels lighter but also leaves the skin well-nourished. Zo 1 cosmetics are available through selected beauticians (call 1-700-70-37-47).