Danna Azrieli’s company launches luxury building

Daughter of real-estate mogul David Azrieli launches luxury apartment project in Herzliya Pituah with her company Candan.

Danna Azrieli 370 (photo credit: Niv Elis)
Danna Azrieli 370
(photo credit: Niv Elis)
Danna Azrieli, vice chairman of the Azrieli Group and daughter of real-estate mogul David Azrieli, on Wednesday officially launched her private company Candan’s first project, a luxury apartment building in Herzliya Pituah.
Construction on the NIS 400 million project, called Gal Yam (meaning sea wave), will be completed in April 2015. Just under a quarter of the building’s 35 units have already been sold, and the project already made headlines when one of its penthouses sold for NIS 19.5m.
Azrieli, a bubbly woman whose Canadian upbringing and liberal-arts environmental education shine through her every word, is visibly excited by the project.
“The Azrieli group is focused on offices and malls,” she said. “I needed a creative outlet.”
Azrieli purchased the 5,000-square-meter plot of land on Ramat Yam St., where the Eshel Hotel stood, for about NIS 44m. in 2006, when she was nine months pregnant, and in every way, this project is her baby.
Indeed, she seems to have taken part in every aspect of the project’s planning.
As one might guess from the building’s name, its curvaceous design was inspired by sea waves. Azrieli wanted the building to reflect it location – only 300 meters from the sea, a rarity for residential land in Israel.
She recalled a story that the famous Sydney Opera House was designed to resemble a split orange peel (“not that I’m comparing this with the Syndey Opera House”). Its lit-up silhouette is inspired by the white foam of the nearby waves, and its two buildings are split, like the red sea, at the entrance.
“The materials are all really important to me,” she said.
“I sniff them, I touch them.”
A former student of environmental sciences, she said she picks up litter at the construction site, which the construction crew says is maintained at an unusually clean level.
Not content to let her baby go when it’s all grown up, Azrieli plans on staying on in charge of the management company.
“Who am I building for? I’m the model resident!” she said. And, of course, she purchased one of the penthouses herself.