'Genesis' pairs Christians, Israeli companies [pg. 5]

Christian business people throughout the world now have a way to invest in Israeli companies directly, instead of relying on contributions. Genesis Strategic Solutions International, started by Clarence Wagner, pairs Israeli start-up companies with Christian business people as a way for both parties to benefit from investments as well as attaining and/or buying licenses to new technology. Wagner, former international director for Bridges for Peace, founded the company last year as another avenue to bring Christian involvement to Israel. "I was always interested in the business side of things and saw the growing potential of Israel with technology and development combined with the growing interest in the Christian community in helping Israel," said Wagner. "I thought it was time to put the two together; the companies have already shown an interest in Israel by their contributions to Israel, but didn't know how to get involved in the business." Wagner has worked for the past year to build relationships between Israeli companies and business people from the United States, China, Japan, South Africa, Singapore and Canada. One of the companies he has connected is Levgum Ltd., the only company that has found a way to devulcanize rubber, refining it so it can be used again. "It's worked very well," said Ran Zamir, CEO of Levgum Ltd. "We've been able to make deals, to locate and hope to close the [deal] license for US and Italy soon. It's been a very good collaboration so far." Zamir attributes much of the work to Wagner's connections to Christian businesses in the world and his ability to bridge the gaps between the multinational companies. Wagner finds matches for both sides, then helps each company navigate through the process of investment or license agreements and facilitates the on-going process to create a smooth working relationship. In a year and a half, Wagner plans to hold an exposition in Israel for Christian business people to see different Israeli businesses and find a suitable match for each company's expertise. "Christian businessmen in many parts of the world will find a unique product from Israel and will take on the license of the product/technology to use in their country where they have expertise," said Wagner. "It helps Israeli companies and when it's marketed abroad, it's a good thing."