IDC, US Energy Department join forces

Memo of understanding signed in the field of energy research.

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IDC 88
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The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya this week signed an agreement with the United States Energy Department to cooperate on energy research. The sides said they hope to develop new energy sources, increase fuel efficiency and decrease dependence on Arab oil and other imported fuels. "Alternate energy is a strategic goal within the framework of research cooperation between Israel and the United States that grows year by year," said David Haberman, a senior energy adviser and coordinator of the US energy delegation that arrived in Israel this week. "It will, without doubt, be a principal foundation in the structure of strengthening the strategic alliance between the two countries in the future." The development of alternative energy is expected to provide a great financial catalyst for financial growth with a scope of billions of dollars, he said, while also creating new work places. The memo of understanding in the field of energy research was signed between the National Energy Technology Laboratory, which is part of the US Department of Energy, and the IDC Lauder School of Government. The agreement includes diverse cooperation in the fields of carbon management, water resources, alternative fuels, hydrogen energy, power grid efficiency, turbines and advanced materials. It is part of the ongoing strategic cooperation between the US and Israel in the field of energy, as stipulated by the US-Israel Energy Cooperation Act, which was signed into law last December. The newly established center for the research of alternative fuels in the Lauder School of Government was founded by Dr. Isaac Berzin, a world authority on the applications of technology based on algae for the production of biofuels. It received a founding grant from Jack Halpern, the chairman of the American Jewish Congress's Energy Independence Task Force.