Pelephone launches new 3.75G network

The new network, according to CEO Gil Sharon, gives Pelephone an edge over rivals Cellphone and Partner.

Gil Sharon 88 248 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Gil Sharon 88 248
(photo credit: Courtesy)
With the installment of a new cellular network to handle 3.75 generation capabilities, Pelephone will be supplying the fastest service in Israel - from Eilat to Metulla - according to Pelephone CEO Gil Sharon. The new 3.75 generation network supplied by Ericsson incorporates HSPA technologies and high-speed GSM on frequencies 850 and 2100 to enable better reception. Sharon says the investment of $1 billion in the new network represents the first in a series of strategies to improve system capacity and services for Pelephone subscribers as well as to the cell phone branch of industry as a whole. Up until now, there were parts of the country in which mobile phones were unable to operate due to poor reception or no reception. Now, with the new network, Pelephone subscribers should be able to use their cell phones just about anywhere in Israel. Pelephone has a wide range of HSPA advanced telephone appliances including products by Nokia, Sony, Ericsson, and other global brand names with state-of-the-art extras utilizing the most advanced capacities of cellphone networks. Through an agreement with Vodaphone, Pelephone subscribers can now be connected to and from telephones in 207 countries, including third generation services, video conferences, internet and broad band.