RealCommerce, a Web and mobile-technology integrator, is lau

RealCommerce, a Web and mobile-technology integrator, is launching a development-programming and software center in Tel Aviv and plans to hire 50 haredi women within a year.

haredi job training 298 (photo credit: Courtesy)
haredi job training 298
(photo credit: Courtesy)
RealCommerce, a Web and mobile-technology integrator, is launching adevelopment-programming and software center in Tel Aviv and plans tohire 50 haredi women within a year.
"There are a number of enterprises tailored to the haredipopulation located close to their communities," RealCommerce co-CEODror Yaakovson said Wednesday. "But for customers and residents in thecenter of the country who need to come to meetings in these areas a fewtimes a week, this can be quiet a burden and sometimes causesoperational problems. The new center offers physical proximity and lowcosts for customers."
RealCommerce intends to recruit mostly ba'alot tshuva(returnees to ultra-Orthodox Judaism) in the Tel Aviv area who arehaving a hard time finding a job or don't want to commute to Modi'inIllit and other locations.
Over the past few years, local hi-tech companies have beenhiring haredi women for outsourcing work in Modi'in Illit and BetarIllit. Modi'in Illit, also known as Kiryat Sefer, is a haredi townlocated between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, where some 5,000 haredi womenwork. Israeli hi-tech companies including Matrix Talpiot have launchedprogramming centers in Modi'in Illit, hiring hundreds of haredi womenfor cheap, quality labor in a move to combat outsourcing to India.
The new Daat development center will provide outsourcingservices close to the company's primary market. The center is part ofthe RealCommerce Group, which is located on two floors in an industrialarea in south Tel Aviv and employs 120 workers. It will be operatedaccording to the halachic needs of haredi women.
Daat will service projects using Java, .Net technologies andPHP cellular applications for iPhones. It will be headed and managed byNili Davidovich, a haredi career woman with 20 years of experience inthe development-technology sector.
"There are two study centers in Tel Aviv - Lustig and Sharansky- that offer professional training courses for haredi women in thefields of technology, software and development," she said. "This willenable us to hire professional and quality workers who will be happy tojoin the labor force where they live."
Founded in 1999, RealCommerce specializing in contentmanagement and e-commerce solutions including multilingual contentmanagement, online banking and billing, and online booking for themedia, cellular, insurance, travel and banking industries. Its clientsinclude Cellcom, Bank Leumi and Ynet.
Meanwhile, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz was in Modi'in Illiton Wednesday to visit the offices of Matrix, CAL and CitiBook, harediemployment and development centers.
"I am impressed to see how the haredi community is finding waysof joining the workforce across a number of areas including the hi-techindustry," he said. "Haredi women are successfully integrated, both inemployment and management of the city and community."