World Cup boosts restaurants and pubs [pg. 17]

The hot summer weather during the World Cup, which drove more people out of the house to watch the games, significantly improved the risk ranking of restaurants, pubs and coffee shops in Business Data Israel's overall monthly business risk index for the month of June. The restaurants, pubs and coffee shops sector dropped from number two on BDI's ranking in May of businesses with the highest risk of closing to number five during the month of June. BDI's risk index for the sector dropped from 6.60 in May to 6.30 in June, on a scale from 1 to 10. The level of risk in the economy as a whole during the month of June was contained and remained stable at 5.81, unchanged from the previous month and down from 6.12 during the same period last year. BDI noted that the situation of some 87.5% of business sectors improved in June on a year-on-year comparison. The number of companies at high risk of closing their doors did not change from May and stood at 44,300. About 13.85% of businesses in Israel were ranked by the BDI risk index to be at a particularly high risk. The percentage level of companies and businesses at aboveaverage risk was slightly higher in June at about 14.45% up from 14.30% in May. \The BDI warned, that in the coming months, in particular, the risk factor and number of small- and medium-sized businesses facing the threat of closure was expected to increase as a result of the new overdraft directive, which came into effect on July 1. "However, we expect the deterioration in the risk level of businesses because of credit limits to have a short-term effect until the end of this year, as businesses adjust to their new credit frameworks," the group said. The strongest and most secure sectors on the BDI risk index in June were chemicals, paper and carton, rubber and plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and printing. On a monthly year-on-year comparison, the most significant improvement on the risk index was found in the clothing and footwear businesses, down 17% from a level of 6.99 to 5.80. The sector, whose risk situation significantly worsened from the same month last year was manufacturing, which experienced a deterioration of 4.3%. The most at risk sector in the month of June was delivery services of goods and cargo at a risk level of 6.85.