Cellcom fires first shot in TV price war with NIS 99 VOD package

Package is 60% less expensive than current market prices, Cellcom says.

Cellcom TV (photo credit: PR)
Cellcom TV
(photo credit: PR)
Cellcom on Monday entered the television market with a NIS 99 monthly package offering video on demand (VOD) services.
The package, which Cellcom says is 60% less expensive than current market prices, will include a tuner for HD television channels, movies and television series from a variety of content providers available on demand, sports, streaming music, and Internet-based channels. It will also have tablet and mobile phone applications that will allow users to enjoy the same content from their screens, and pick up where they left off.
The system resembles an inflight entertainment system.
Former Communications Minister MK Gilad Erdan, who headed a reform to help introduce competition into the television market, said he believed that prices would fall 20%-30% in the next year as a result of the reform and Cellcom’s entry into a market currently controlled by providers Yes and Hot, a duopoly that “didn’t leave a lot of options for the Israeli consumer, and that situation had to change.”
A similar reform in the cellular market, headed by Erdan’s predecessor Moshe Kahlon, who now heads the Koolanu party, helped reduce monthly cellular bills significantly.