Dankner’s takeover of ‘Ma’ariv’ approved

Deal is due to be closed within three weeks.

Nochi Dankner 58 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Nochi Dankner 58
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Antitrust Authority director- general David Gilo has approved the acquisition of the controlling interest in Ma’ariv Holdings Ltd. by Discount Investment Corporation, controlled by Nochi Dankner through IDB Holding Corp. Ltd. He ruled that the takeover of the owner of Hebrew daily Ma’ariv would not harm competition.
The deal is due to be closed within three weeks.
“A review of the merger by the Antitrust Authority found that it has horizontal, vertical and conglomerate aspects with other companies in the IDB group,” the Antitrust Authority said. “Among other things, we examined the effect of the merger on online and print publishing and competition between relevant business groups in markets where they operate. In view of the overall facts, we found that the merger does not raise concern about a significant harm to competition.”
Nevertheless, Gilo warned, “Any contract by Ma’ariv to provide or receive services from its competitor, or a person affiliated with it or a person who provides similar services to a competitor, is liable to result in restraint of trade that will require approval of the Antitrust Authority.”