Ministry announces 6.53% hike in bread prices

Change due to sharp rise in global wheat, fuel prices, ministry says; prices have been frozen for 18 months.

Semolina bread 311 (photo credit:
Semolina bread 311
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The Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry announced Monday that the price of a price-controlled loaf of bread will rise by 6.53 percent on Tuesday.
The ministry said, "The price hike is due to the sharp rise in the global price of wheat in the past month, which raised the price of flour, a key factor in the price of bread. The rise in fuel prices in the past month also contributes to the hike in the price of bread. Bread prices have not been changed in 18 months."
The price of standard 750-gram loafs of dark or white bread will rise to NIS 5.24; a 500-gram challah will increase to NIS 5.72; a 750-gram loaf of sliced and packaged dark bread will cost NIS 7.87; and a 500-gram loaf of sliced and packaged white bread will cost NIS 6.99.