Tel Aviv Side Walks: Nahum Hanavi Street

A new column: Joanna Stromze explores the streets of Tel Aviv while discovering the best real estate deals the White City has to offer.

Hanavi Street 311 (photo credit:
Hanavi Street 311
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With Tel Aviv’s population increasing rapidly, the ‘Garden City’ grew quickly throughout the 1930′s and 40′s. With its lovely white Bauhaus buildings (designed by German immigrants), the Old North’s unique urban architecture was recognized by UNESCO and declared as a world heritage site.
Its main streets are easily recognizable – Dizengoff, Ben Yehuda, Nordau Blvd., Jabotinsky, Arlozorov, Ben Gurion Blvd. and Gordon; with Ibn Gvirol to the east, the HaYarkon river to the north, the shoreline to the west and Frishman to the south.
The streets of the old north are vibrant and exciting, filled with young professionals, couples and families. This northern neighborhood has the best of what Tel Aviv has to offer; cafés, restaurants, bars, night life, and beaches (like the famous Mezizim beach) and of course shopping. Yet despite all the activity, it remains a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood.
Meonot HaOvdim, a commune complex purposely built in 1930s Tel Aviv with a communal yard at the center of the complex was provided for the wellbeing of the residents, creating a kibbutz-like feeling within the city. These complexes were scattered across the city and on this relatively small street resides one of Tel Aviv's biggest complexes; taking up HaYarkon, Nordau Blvd, Nahum Hanavi and Ben Yehudah.
Nahum Hanavi is part of Tel Aviv's Old North and is considered as part of the Hanevi'im Neighborhood. Hanavi begins on the corner of Ben Yehuda, just an intersection from Yirmiyahu St and ends on Nordau Blvd., this gorgeous and serene street is perfect for anyone who desires to live in the Old North of Tel Aviv with such close proximity to the famous Mezizim Beach, Tel Aviv's Port and some of Tel Aviv's hot spots; amongst them the bustling Yirmiyahu St with its vibrant Dizengoff and Yirmiyahu junction.
Unlike other historical neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, the architecture in the old north is relatively new, with more modern buildings and newer developments. The notorious MeOnot Ha'Ovdim comprises of three floors only; being close to each other, the apartments in the complex enjoy rear and façade exposures and almost every apartment in the complex overlooks the communal garden. Some contemporary buildings rising above the older ones can be seen as well, however the architecture on Hanavi remains typical "Old North" with three story buildings, closed balconies and average 65-85 square meter, two bedroom apartments.
Its close proximity to Mezizim Beach and being located in the very heart of Tel Aviv's Old North, Hanavi draws mainly young local and foreign residents. It's ideally located making it a tourist hot-spot, with some high-end holiday apartments offered during the holidays. 
Real Estate
Real Estate prices in the Old North vary and the closer you are to the beach, the higher the prices are. With prices ranging between NIS 27,000 to 31,000 per square meter in the Old North, on Hanavi St prices are around the NIS 32,000 per square meter mark.
In February this year, a 72 square meter, two bedroom apartment with a private parking on Hanavi was sold for the price of NIS 2,550,000.
Rentals on Hanavi are slightly higher than the rest of the Old North; a fully renovated two bedroom, 82 square meter apartment in the MeOnot HaOvdim complex was recently rented for NIS 7,200. A 120 square meter, two bedroom duplex penthouse on a new building with private parking and a roof top terrace was rented in September for NIS 14,600. 
An 85 sqaure meter, two bedroom, one bathroom apartment in a new, contemporary building, with private parking, storage space and a sun balcony is currently offered for sale on Nahum Hanavi for NIS 3.3 million.
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