Elderly care expert: Nursing homes in Israel - an overview

An expert in the elderly care field answers your questions and provides you with the information you need to make crucial and timely decisions regarding your loved ones.

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Amiram Baraban is the director and manager of Baraban Consulting, which specializes in elder-care issues, including nursing home referral services, and general elder care issues. With 10 years experience, Amiram Baraban holds a BA in Business Administration from Florida International University and a Certificate in Nursing Home Management from a Government Institute. He has worked extensively in the field in Israel. Baraban Consulting's services provide insights into the intricate world of elderly care and assist in making crucial and timely decisions regarding your loved ones. Click here to send your questions to Amiram and please leave your comments on the Q&A below. For Vols I to III, click here Vol IV In Israel there are more than four hundred care homes of various types who cater to the senior population. One way to sort out these homes is to refer to the ability of their population to perform the activities of daily living (ADL). These activities include eating, walking, dressing and undressing, taking a bath or shower and using the toilet. Retirement communities / homes In a way, these communities can be the thought of as residential buildings with special amenities. These buildings or communities offers array of services providing for the needs of its senior residents. The goal of a retirement community is to enhance the quality of life of its clients as well as giving them an added sense of security. Prices and terms vary widely and can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Using an attorney is highly advisable. A retirement community is not a nursing home. Therefore, it is not licensed or regulated by any government agency. However it's long term care section is regulated by the ministry of health. Nursing homes for the independent and frail These homes provide medical and nursing care along with social / cultural and hospitality services, the sum of which is aimed to provide quality, comprehensive care to their frail residents. Frail is defined as a person who needs partial assistance in his / her ADL. In recent years most totally independent seniors opt for retirement communities rather than nursing homes. Prices range from 6,000 - 12,000 Israeli Shekels. Homes for the frail are licensed and regulated by the ministry of welfare which also helps financially to eligible applicants. Nursing homes for long term care and Alzheimer's patients Long term care people need full assistance in one or more of their daily activities. In these homes emphasis is given to the medical and nursing care. Effort is being made to transfer long term care departments from their traditional hospital / institutional-like image to a more home-like environment. In addition, more attention is given not only to obtain quality care but to assure optimal quality of life. Long term care homes (a.k.a geriatric hospitals) are highly regulated by the Health Ministry which also provides subsidy to eligible people. Alzheimer patients can reside in special protected homes who receive a proper license from the department of health. Cost of living in long term care homes ranges from NIS9,000 - 15,000 per month, yet government participation is fairly easy to obtain for qualified applicants. Nursing home for severe long term care people These are hospitals or special geriatric departments licensed to treat "complex" long term patients. The complexity refers to the chronically ill person who suffers additional illnesses (e.g. severe pressure wounds). Kupat Holim pays the majority of the hospitalization cost. Nursing Homes at a glance * * * Cafe Oleh is the place where you can join in and be published. To send us your comments, article ideas, suggestions and community listings, click here. In the meantime, check out our comprehensive listings and calendar services.