Netanyahu: A divided J'lem would mean Iranian base mere meters away

Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu spoke sharply against the possibility of dividing Jerusalem under any circumstances and vowed to preserve the capital undivided. Speaking at the Jerusalem Conference, the prime ministerial hopeful said "we have proved our full loyalty to a whole Jerusalem as part of Israel's sovereign territory. We will continue with this policy despite the creeping infiltration of a trend to divide the city and this is being said not only by our political opponents but also by those who presumably would be considered our allies." "Everyone knows what would happen if we give away parts of Jerusalem. If we leave, someone else would come in and it will be Hamas, which means Iran would step in. This would mean an Iranian base would rise mere meters from here," he added. "Giving up parts of Jerusalem will strengthen terror. Giving up the Temple Mount will bring the polar opposite of inter-religious peace. Those who seek peace would preserve Jerusalem undivided. An undivided Jerusalem under Israel's sovereignty would allow freedom of worship to all three religions," Netanyahu said.