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lou the scooterer 88 (photo credit: )
lou the scooterer 88
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Take a friend on a trip for company...NAAAAH! Then the day that I took a friend along on a 1-day outing... it was his suggestion that we do this day out, and share the costs, coz he rarely has opportunity to get away. He works on 2 jobs. It was a pitiful disaster...all he could talk about was his bad luck with his female friend(s) who seemed to be "taking him for a ride". Anyway we started off the day badly coz he was 1 hour late in getting to the car-rental office. Then the car arrived; it was filthy with mud and the heavy rain was falling, so we used the rain to quickly wash the car. And they gave us a big gasguzzler instead of the small manual car we arranged, which means buy more gasoline and have a cheap lunch.... Read the rest of this blog »
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