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The city that never sleeps captivates a young, single attorney from California.

show and tel aviv 88 (photo credit: )
show and tel aviv 88
(photo credit: )
I think G-d is punishing me... I'm not a very religious person. The fact is, I'm hardly religious at all, though I do have the desire to be a bit more observant, and maybe after the past month I've had I'll finally act on it. I am, however, very Jewish. This probably means that I should respect the Sabbath a bit more than I currently do. Four weeks ago, I went to play some American football with some friends on the "Day of Rest." About halfway through the game I jammed my right thumb into the side of some big Oleh while trying to make a tackle, and I watched it swell up to cartoon-like proportions. Read the rest of this blog »
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