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'The wisdom of the stairs': Blinding flashes of intellect... just a bit too late.

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treppenwitz 88
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Have I got a doll for you? Several years ago someone e-mailed me a link to a web site about an interesting doll. This doll - called Feral Cheryl - was nothing like any doll I had ever considered giving my daughter... and I'm pretty sure the person who sent the link meant it as a joke. However, after looking around the site (note that I don't claim to have read every word), I realized that there was quite a lot to recommend this doll. For one thing, Feral Cheryl was designed around realistic body proportions. If you increased this doll's scale to life-size... she wouldn't be 7 feet tall Amazon with a 22" waist! She would look... well, normal! Read the rest of this blog
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