Looking out my back door

Western Galilee resident describes life near the border as rockets rain down.

maalot 88 (photo credit: )
maalot 88
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Yakov Marks moved to Israel from Alabama some 30 years ago. Living in the north has subjected him to war more than once. This time, Yakov is sharing his day-to-day experiences. Follow along as he and his family try to carry on a normal life, while coping with missile fire in their backyard.
  • Tuesday A rocket hit a few meters from my house in Ma'alot!
  • Sunday The repair shop is less than 100 meters from where I pass every morning on my way back from work!
  • Saturday This is our home and we do not have the financial ability to go away from the dangerous area.
  • Friday I try to lighten the atmosphere so daughter Rachel and Chaim won't be so scared.
  • Thursday Being a paramedic from the IDF, I rushed outside to find out if anyone had been injured.
  • Wednesday Living under the noses of the Hizbullah and the Palestinian terrorists is very akin to living in the shadow of an active volcano. You never can know when it will erupt.