Looking out my back door - Sunday

Sunday, July 16, 2006 16:00 As I sit here writing this in my home with my children, nearby I can hear the sound of explosions from mortar and Katyusha rocket fire quite frequently through my open window. Occasionally, I can see explosions on the hillside opposite my home. In addition to the Hizbullah and Palestinian shelling, we can clearly hear the sound of Israeli Army artillery fire close by. Right now the Israeli Air Force (IAF) is attacking Hizbullah rocket launch sites in southern Lebanon. The large concussions from the explosions can be very clearly felt. There is explosion after explosion. The shock of the concussions from the explosions are very heavy. Our home shakes from the hits. Evidently, the IAF is succeeding in hitting the tunnels where tons of Iranian made weaponry and ammunition are kept. Some of the explosions are so heavy that it is unbelievable! This morning, eight members of the Israeli Railroad garage staff were murdered while they were being briefed about their duties for the day. The repair shop is less than 100 meters from where I pass every morning on my way back from work! Also, while all of this is happening, I cannot go to work. In addition to the cost in lives and damaged property caused by the actions of the Hizbullah, this whole mess is hurting me and thousands of other Israelis because we cannot get to work. How will we pay our bills? Who will pay the price for all of this? Worst of all, why are the Lebanese allowing their country to be torn apart all for the sake of what? Shi'ite fanatics and the Hezbollah? Iranian and Syrian fanaticism and blind hatred of the Jewish State? All of this is happening from a sovereign Arab country, Lebanon.