Louis The Scooterer: From here (@jpost) to there (@epinions)

Certainly I will still be scootering to every, and many new places, here in Israel, and will continue to report about my rides, and other experiences.

lou the scooterer 88 (photo credit: )
lou the scooterer 88
(photo credit: )
From here (@jpost) to there (@epinions) Now that the dust has settled and the rallies are behind us, I will say a farewell from JPost... "Dear reader", oops, there may be more than one reader.. so "dear readers", Way back I was invited to write stories to be posted as blogs here at Jpost, ..and I did just that. I continue to write a series of assorted stories, on various subjects and topics, at different weather seasons... and I never write about politics and religion, and never being nasty or insulting. I am happy that so many readers responded with kind words and clever comments, and emails sent to me, and many also mentioning the pictures that showed them a place, or a thing, or people or whatever. Read the rest of this blog »
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