Reform Reflections: Jerusalem is a special city

Jerusalem is a special place, but she is in danger from obscurantists and others. We need to struggle to preserve her delicate balance, and to allow all her inhabitants a chance to bask in her special glow.

Rabbi Michael Marmur-88 (photo credit: )
Rabbi Michael Marmur-88
(photo credit: )
Jerusalem is a special city Jerusalem is a special city. If you ever doubt this, try staying away for a little while. True, many Israelis have become so practiced in the art of staying away from Jerusalem that this has been elevated from simple aversion to full-blown abhorrence. True, many of us who bring up children in this city know that our offspring are preparing to spring off and leave as soon as the opportunity presents itself. True, increasingly Jewish visitors from abroad are becoming inured to the blandishments of the holy city, and developing a marked preference for the lure of Tel Aviv (The Big Pineapple) or Haifa (The Bahai Chapel) or even Hadera (the Big Falafel), over Jerusalem - the Big Grapple. Read the rest of this blog »
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