Reporters on the Job: Foreign Minister Avigdor and Prime Minister Lieberman

Instead of talking and getting in trouble with Bibi, Avigdor Lieberman would much rather just be getting things done, actual things. So now he's calling meetings at 07:30 [and don't be late] and meetings at 22:00 [we're done when I say we're done].

reporters on the job 88 (photo credit: )
reporters on the job 88
(photo credit: )
Foreign Minister Avigdor and Prime Minister Lieberman Amir Mizroch is the news editor of the Jerusalem Post. He writes a personal blog at Forecast Highs Jerusalem Post Editor-in-Chief David Horovitz and I interviewed Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Thursday. Since then I've been asked quite frequently about my impressions of the man. Everybody wants to know about Lieberman. What's he like, this "Russian King" as a friend called him [actually he's Moldovan]. When I posted photos of our interview on Facebook, I got comments and questions ranging from disgust [try get the stain off your hands Lady Macbeth!; ewwwww!; when is he going to be indicted?; shame you didn't barf on him; did you ask him if he really believes the BS coming out of his mouth or does he just like the perks? why doesn't the jpost punch people in the stomach anymore?]. "How bad is he?" another concerned friend asked. Read the rest of this blog
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