All dressed up - and somewhere to go

This Thursday's third annual Jerusalem Winter Ball is set to be a cut above the previous ones.

ball 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
ball 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Having considered myself an Israeli for almost two years now, I've come to appreciate the laid back and informal style so integral to life here, a characteristic never more evident than in the dress code (or lack of it). While I now consider it endearing, as opposed to faintly annoying, that Israelis' choice of attire at weddings and other formal events would be mistaken for casual wear in my native England, I admit to occasionally missing the opportunities afforded to me in the old country to pull out all the fashion stops. This, says Eli Gurock, one of the organizers of the Jerusalem Winter Ball annual charity dinner dance for young Anglos, is something many Anglos can relate to. "The idea for the ball sprang in part from the fact that as Anglos we missed having the opportunity to dress up and attend a really fancy event," he explains. "The ball seemed like a great way to achieve this while raising money for charity." This Thursday's third annual event, Gurock says, is set to be a cut above the previous ones. "For starters, rather than holding the ball in a community hall as we've done in the past, this time we've chosen the Hyatt Regency hotel. Another first this year is our casino. Guests will be given NIS 100 of fake money with which to gamble, and the winners will receive prizes at the end of the night." Other new additions include a photographer, who will take both couple and group portraits, and a magician. As before, the 2007 ball will feature a live band (Remedy) and an open bar. The evening will conclude with an after-party at the Layla dance bar on Hanevi'im Street. Those unable to attend the ball have the option of buying tickets for the after-party. All proceeds from this year's event will go to the OneFamily Fund, which provides financial, legal and emotional aid to victims of terror. Thursday, 7:30 p.m. Details and ticket reservations: 0523-180051; 0545-211468. Tickets NIS 175/195. Reservations are required.