Nefesh B'Nefesh introduces monthly aliya flights

NBN director of communications Yael Katsman: "This makes things more efficient both for the olim and for us."

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nefesh b nefesh 88
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The special aliya procedures of the Nefesh B'Nefesh organization, which cut through bureaucracy and offer a support network for new olim from North America and Britain, will no longer be limited to special charter flights in the summer and winter. NBN has expanded its group flights to include 50 to 100 pre-booked seats each month on regular El Al flights throughout the year. Until now, groups who came on the charter flights were processed at the airport by relevant government officials, while individuals who came throughout the year underwent the regular - and often confusing and difficult - aliya processing in the various government ministries. "This makes things more efficient both for the olim and for us," explained NBN director of communications Yael Katsman. The first group to come on the regular flights landed on Wednesday afternoon, and was met at the airport with NBN representatives and officials from the Interior and Immigrant Absorption ministries. Using a database that is shared by the Interior Ministry and NBN, the olim were processed - registered as olim and given citizenship - right in the airport. The group flights also offer those individuals who come on regular flights year-round the support network of a joint aliya. "There's the feeling of a group experience," said Katsman, "which makes it more memorable and exciting."