Say What?! The complete Hebrew slang guide to survival in Israel

Para Para Literal translation: Cow, cow Meaning: Doing one thing at a time, step by step Example: "We've got a lot of things to deal with here so let's just work through it para para. Lo (x) ve lo na'alaim Literal translation: Not (example) and not shoes Meaning: Replying with extra emphasis that someone/something is not as it seems Examples: A: She is really smart B: Smart? She is not smart and not shoes A:How was your holiday? B: Holiday? What holiday? Not a holiday and not shoes She'elat kitbeg Literal translation: Kitbag question Meaning: A particualary stupid question that results in the questioner becoming newly obligated in a matter form he was previously exempt. Its origins can be found in IDF basic training. Examples: Original kitbeg question: Commander: Run around the camp 10 times. Soldier: With my kitbag? Commander: Since you aksed, yes with your kitbag Civilian kitbag question: Is Monday's meeting obligatory for all staff members or just senior staff? Boss: now that you mention it, I think everyone should come Ha'ex Hamitolgi: Literal translation: The mythological ex Meaning: Not simply an ex, the ex. A boyfriend or girfrined one had in th epast, ulsauly in the framework of a serious long-term relationship who an enjoys an almost mythichal status. The unfornatne current partner will always be compared to the mytoholgical ex. He/she is always there, hovering in the background of present relationships. The mythologck ex stays in his or her lauded position until a better partner shows up. Hafuch Literal translation: Upside-down Meaning: 'Exhausted' and also the Israeli word for 'cappuccino' Example: Can I get one 'upside-down' with 2 sugars and low-fat milk? And make it extra strong as I am 'upside-down with tiredness.' Eizeh seret Literal translation: What a movie Meaning: A series of out-of-the-ordinary events in real-life, usually in a negative connotation, resembling something one might only see on the big screen. Example: "Why does it always take you so long to pack? Now we missed the last ferry out of this godforsaken island. And we also have no food since you've already consumed it all. Not to mention any warm clothes because you were so certain that today would be a lovely day. What a movie…" Protekzia, Vitamin P Meaning: Utilizing connections to your advantage. Similar to nepotism, cronyism. Vitamin P (the P stands for protekzia) will give you power just as any other vitamin would. You always hate those who have it easy because of their protekzia or Vitamin P, but at the same time you wish you had it too. Example: "The new guy only got in 'cause of his daddy. Only protkezia can explain his recruitment." Srita / sarut Literal translation: A scratch / scratched Meaning: A quirk; if it's more serious: emotionally scarred, messed-up. Examples: "We all have our srita in one form or another" "After all those drugs, no matter he's so sarut." Shnat Tarapapu Literal translation: The year of 'tarapapu' Meaning: Ages ago. Probably a play on words of the well known date in Jewish history - shnat tarpat (1929 or 5689), which, well, was ages ago. Example: Remember vinyl records? Hardly, they were in 'shnat tarapapu' Uktzur, ha'kitzer, bekitzketz Meaning: All forms derived from the Hebrew word be'kitzur which means, in short or to make a long story short. Could also be used as 'anyways', 'anyhow', 'In any case' etc. Example: Ha'kitzer, he then turned his head and yelled, "Turn off your cellphone! Can't anyone watch a movie in this country without a ring-ring?" Beten gav Literal translation: Stomach, back Meaning: A time of relaxation, when the only activity one does is turn over from lying on the back to lying on the stomach. Example: Work, work, work… I really need some beten gav. Walla Meaning: The Hebrew slang word that encompasses a wide variety of interpretations. Depending on the pronunciation of walla, it could mean: really? really?! Hmm…, I see, ok Examples: A: The new Harry Potter book has just been released Harry potter junkie: Walla?! or A: The new Harry Potter book has just been released Not a Harry Potter junkie: Walla? Gilita et America Literal translation: You discovered America Meaning: When someone says something he thinks is news to everybody but actually is a well-known fact. Example: A: You're not gonna believe it but they've begun making different falafel flavors B: Really? Gilita et America. Grandma slang: Kesher savta, lech saper le savta shelha, im le'savta hayu galgalim Literal translations: Grandma knot, go tell your grandma, if grandma had wheels Meaning: Grandma knot is the most basic knot (unlike the granny knot in English which is NOT the most simple knot) Go tell your grandma - go tell it the marines, go teach your grandmother how to suck eggs If grandma had wheels - to indicate a condition not likely to be fulfilled. If I had a million dollars… Boker tov Eliyahu Literal translation: Good morning Eliyahu Meaning: Nice of you to remember to show up / remember Example: Boker tov Eliyahu… where the hell were you? We said 10 and it's now 11 Aruhat Schitut Literal Translation: Corruption meal Meaning: A feast Example: You missed out big time. We prepared a corruption meal After Meaning: A short, usually unexpected break from the army; ranges from several hours of free time (usually at some mall) to an entire night at home. Example: This is unreal, in the middle of basic training we got an after! Mommy's food and my own bed - here I come!