Meet Mira Resnick, US official supporting security building in the Mideast

Mira Resnick will speak on Sept. 12 at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York.

 Mira Resnick (photo credit: Courtesy)
Mira Resnick
(photo credit: Courtesy)

As Iran's nuclear threats loom large over the Middle East, a key factor in countering them is the security capability of the US and Israel’s allies in the region.

Supporting security capacity-building in the area is one of the crucial tasks of Mira Resnick, deputy assistant secretary of state for regional security in the bureau of Political-Military Affairs.

“Our continued engagement in the Middle East is really all the more important,” she said during a recent trip to Dubai. “Increasingly complex global challenges demand strong partnerships because we know that we cannot act alone, and we face global problems whose consequences shape security at a regional level.”

Meet Mira Resnick on Sept. 12 at the Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York. Learn more and buy tickets.

'Strengthening US force posture'

Among others, Resnick has been involved in the sale of F-35 fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates.

“We would like the UAE to be able to operate the F-35 in a way that [the country] can be our security partners and to deter threats, including from Iran,” she told the Associated Press last November.

Resnik is a graduate of Columbia University and National Defense University, where she earned her master’s degree in security studies. Before taking her current position, she was a senior professional staff member for the Democratic staff of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, focusing on the Middle East and North Africa.

“Building and expanding security partnerships through security cooperation and defense trade enables our allies and partners to protect their sovereignty from malign influences, defend their borders, promote the rule of law in the air, on land, and at sea, respond to humanitarian crises, counternarcotics, transnational crime, terrorism,” Resnick highlighted in Dubai. “Doing that is just as critical to strengthening US force posture and the power projection necessary to defend America’s interests.”   

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