IAI develops model to predict changes in condition of COVID-19 patients

The AI-based model was developed by scientists from the company's Space and Missile Group using information from the Sheba Medical Center cloud database

 (photo credit: IAI)
(photo credit: IAI)
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) said June 7 that it has developed a model that predicts the progression of COVID-19 among patients using artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and machine learning technologies. The model was built utilizing data from Israel's Sheba Medical Center. 
The predictive capabilities can alert medical staff on the possible deterioration of the patient’s condition, thus enhancing care and flagging cases more likely to face increased risk, significantly improving the chance of saving the patient's life. The model was developed by researchers and engineers from IAI’s Innovation Center, part of the company’s Systems Missiles and Space Group.
Dr. Einat Klein, the group's chief innovation engineer, said, “IAI makes extensive use of tools such as machine learning, big data and AI as part of its routine operations. The innovation team of our group, which specializes in missiles and satellites, has leveraged its know-how experience to help medical staffs predict patients’ conditions. In this way, physicians can provide better treatment to COVID-19 patients at the hospital. IAI joined the battle against COVID-19 with multiple technologies developed over the past few weeks. These technologies help the medical professionals, the patients, and the hospitals. We plan to continue helping the healthcare system in line with the changing needs.”
IAI's Systems, Missiles & Space Group has developed many air-defense systems such as the Arrow 2 and 3, the Barak 8, loitering missiles, and countless missile and satellite systems, such as observation satellites, nano-satellites, and communication satellites including Dror, the national communication satellite. The Group was also a co-builder of the Beresheet spacecraft which traveled to the moon. IAI is a national and global technological hub for air defense, radars, satellites, unmanned vehicles, civilian aviation, and cyber.