Magal Security receives $2.5 million of contracts for seaport projects

The Israeli company won contracts in Europe and Africa following its strategic shift to engage customers in recurring business and diversify revenue streams, Magal's CEO says

Magal Security (photo credit: Courtesy)
Magal Security
(photo credit: Courtesy)
 Israel's Magal Security Systems, a leading international provider of comprehensive physical, video and access control security products and solutions, announced July 6 that its project division, Magal Integrated Solutions, has been awarded new contracts for turnkey projects in Europe and Africa. Both contracts are for seaports, an important vertical for the company. 
Magal Integrated Solutions has been awarded contracts worth over $2.5 million for such projects this year, adding to many projects that Magal has been awarded and successfully commissioned for the seaport vertical customers in the past.
The Port of Tarragona in Spain recently made $1.3 million worth of orders including an extension of Magal's Spanish subsidiary maintenance contract with the port. Magal has provided a turnkey solution for the Port of Tarragona in which it designed, installed and integrated security, safety, and site management systems. In 2018, Magal was awarded a contract to provide maintenance services to the port. Recently, the maintenance contract was renewed through 2022 with a discretional extension until 2024. The Tarragona Port's comprehensive security system includes perimeter detection with CCTV, motion sensors, and fire detection and extinction, all managed through Magal's proprietary FORTIS 4G command and control platform. Incorporated in the project are Senstar's intrusion detection systems products, including the fence mounted FlexZone, and Ultrawave, a volumetric microwave transmitter and receiver, the DTR taut wire system, and the Symphony VMS software, according to Magal. 
The balance of $1.2 million of contracts were for seaport security projects, including the Djibouti seaport project in Africa, for security system design and installation.
Dror Sharon, CEO of Magal, commented: "After seven years of working together, the renewal of the maintenance contract by the Port of Tarragona shows tremendous confidence and satisfaction with our solution and service. This facility is one of the main seaport facilities in Spain and a recognized reference in the sector. Also, we are pleased to be selected by the Djibouti seaport authority for the seaport's security system design and installation. This project is our first business in the territory, and we hope to deepen our commercial relationship in the country." 
"These recent wins in the seaport vertical demonstrate the success of our strategic shift to diversify revenue streams to new geographies and customers and engage our existing customers in recurring business. Our recent wins in Europe and Africa contribute to offsetting the impact of verticals negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, which has caused delays in some larger projects. While we remain engaged with customers in our focus verticals and continue to see purchase orders from these customers, our team has been nimble in pursuing new opportunities in verticals that are considered essential services," Sharon said.