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Carmel Fire (photo credit: Associated Press)
Carmel Fire
(photo credit: Associated Press)
>>>The will to give Israeli soldiers, as well as thousands of Israeli citizens, regularly donate blood to Magen David Adom, Israel’s Red Cross. Soldiers take part in blood donation drives every few months during their service.
Worldwide relief
Jews and non-Jews from all over the world rushed to provide relief for those in need after massive fires raged through the Carmel region near Haifa over Hanukkah.
The two largest Jewish organizations in the world, JAFI (The Jewish Agency for Israel) and the JDC (Joint Distribution Committee) had people both at the scene during the crisis, helping residents to safety, as well as afterwards, helping victims to put their lives together and rebuild what was left of their homes.
Yehuda Sharf, the head of JAFI in Israel, said, “We took over 2,000 Druze and Jewish children on outings, to help make the kids feel better and so that their parents could errands and start the process of rebuilding their lives.”
Funds to help victims in the North were and are still being collected courtesy of the Jewish Federations of North America.
Among the countries who aided Israel’s effort to fight the fire, Turkey was praised by the ADL (AntiDefamation League) for their effort in aid.
“Unfortunately, sometimes it takes misfortune to bring old friends closer and reinvigorate their relationship,” said ADL national director Abe Foxman.
“Perhaps Turkey’s unconditional willingness to help Israel in this time of need will lead to something good arising from the ashes of these terrible fires.”
>>>Tel Aviv Dance Troupe Hits Times Square Tel Aviv’s Dance Troupe Mayumana has been performing at The New Victory Theatre in New York’s Ma Kore h? I n t h e News The will t o give Israeli soldiers, as well as thousands of Israeli citizens, regularly donate blood to Magen David Adom, Israel’s Red Cross. Soldiers take part in blood donation drives every few months during their service.
Times Square since beginning of December and will continue until the end of the month.
Mayumana consists of dancers from all regions of the world. The name of their latest production is called Momentum , which focuses on the movement of time and the raw energy that the dancers capture on stage.
Each dancer brings a unique outlook to Mayumana.
For example, dancer Hila Yaffe was a former member of Israel’s gymnastic team. Dancer Jean Claude Thiemelle is from the Ivory Coast and went and formed his very own dance company in Spain.
Mayumana features an unusual blend of live music, dance and a constant onslaught of rhythm and beats to thrill the audience . The show is extremely energetic and appealing and can be enjoyed by any age group.
>>>He’s back…
Hasidic reggae rapper Matisyahu released his Hanukkah single ‘Miracle’ in early December and is now following it up with a new live album. This year, Live at Stubbs Vol. 2 will hit shelves on the first of February.
The album will open with the track ‘Kodesh,’ which will then be followed by older hits of his, including ‘Mist Rising,’ ‘Youth,’ ‘Darkness into Light,’ ’One Day,’ and ‘King without a Crown.’ Since his debut just over ten years ago, Matisyahu has grown to be adored by Jewish and non-Jewish fans alike, as well as numerous artists worldwide. Live at Stubbs holds special meaning for him and he is excited to be releasing a follow up album to his original release. The album will be available in single disc or double disc versions and will also feature his live performance in Austin, Texas. The performance was filmed and will be available to buy on DVD.
>>>Bon Jovi in Israel
The rock legends from New Jersey will be making their first ever stop in Israel this coming spring. Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora , Tico Torees , and David Bryan are all excited to finally have the opportunity to perform in Israel.
The concert will be featured on their European tour and will take place on April 27. The band is rumored to perform at Tel Aviv’s Bloomfield Stadium, but a possible venue change could be in store.
Highlights off their new album The Circle will include, ‘We Weren’t Born to Follow,’ ‘Superman Tonight,’ and ‘When We Were Beautiful.’ However, the set list hasn’t been yet been finalized and of course, songs from their previous albums will be performed.
The European Tour is called the Circle Tour, which is celebrates their latest album. Bon Jovi known for being the most succesful band on tour, having made  the highest profits of any band in history from their live shows.
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