Interview with a Jerusalem Post Journalist

‘As an English person, my ability to stand in line is much better than Israelis.’

Yoni Cohen (photo credit: Gene Dolgin)
Yoni Cohen
(photo credit: Gene Dolgin)
Name: Yoni Cohen Occupation: Lifestyle Editor at Favorite food: Hummus Favorite TV show: Friends Favorite band: Oasis Favorite actor: Johnny Depp Favorite sports star: Georgie Kindladze
Interning at the Jerusalem Post is an interesting experience, mainly because there’s a limited number of desks with a limited number of computers. So every day I drag my laptop to the office, and work in a room with a rotating cast of employees. One such cast member is Yoni, a British Israeli who works on the website. After lunch one day, we sat down for an interview.When you think of Israel, what is the first word that comes to mind? Home. I did feel at home back in England, but I feel more at home here. I feel like I belong here more, because it’s a Jewish state, and that’s very important to me.
What are the differences between England and Israel?
What do you like and not like? In terms of politeness, the people here can be a lot warmer. The weather. I like waking up and seeing the sun in the sky most days of the year. And the food is much tastier here.What is your favorite place in Israel? I love Tel Aviv. The laid back atmosphere, the liberal attitude, the beach, the food, the amazing cultural life, the old and the new together. Mount Tevor is a beautiful rural place in the north of Israel with amazing views and interesting history. Yemin Moshe in Jerusalem is a beautiful old neighborhood with lots of history and great views of the Old City walls.
What do you do differently from Israelis? As an English person, my ability to stand in line is much better than Israelis.I know you like restaurants. Would you try a restaurant that’s out of the norm, like the one run by blind people in Yafo? I was there last week! It was a really great experience.
It’s a great way to eat good food and learn about people with visual disabilities. I like eating and I like learning.
It’s always a bonus if you can learn while you eat.