Test yourself: Are you a product of the 00's?

Are you a fan of the last decade which seemed to never get a name? Whether your are 'naughty' or a double OO, see if your are truly a member of the new generation.

Lollipop 521 (photo credit: PR)
Lollipop 521
(photo credit: PR)
1. When you get home from school, you: a) Talk on the phone with a friends b) Watch The Real World on MTV c) Go on Facebook and check your friends most recent status updates
2. When you hear the word, “Apple,” you think of: a) Those lovely treats you eat on Rosh Hashanah.b) That cool new thing called a laptop!
c) Your iPhone, your computer, your iPad; in other words, your life!
3. Going to a music store is: a) Smelly, because of all those hippies b) The best way to find alternative music and flirt with cute employees c) Useless because of the internet
4. The most awesomely famous Kate is, of course: a) Kathleen Turner b) Katie Holmes c) Katy Perry
5. Your mom wants you to find the number of a relative. You:
a) Look in the telephone book
b) Call the operator.
c) Google them, obviously
6. You are planning a dance party with your friends. You:
a) Put on some records and get ready to twist AND shout
b) Create a mix CD and play some bodacious tunes.
c) Stream music from Rhapsody
7. Your favorite TV shows are:
a) Anything on Nick at Nite
b) Procedural crime and medical dramas
c) Anything involving the words swap, brother, idol or makeover

8. Getting dressed in the morning always involves
a) An appreciation for folded, ironed clothing
b) Keeping the rips in your jeans proportional
c) Skinny jeans, all stars and some sort of hooded sweatshirt
Check Yourself
If you answered “A,” to most questions, then you are probably old enough to be a parent of the teenager reading this magazine. Groovy.
If you answered “B” to most questions, then you are probably a child of the 90s, which is good because flannel is making a huge comeback.
 If you answered “C” to most questions, then you are certainly a “naughtie!” You are officially addicted to the internet like a form of life support. LOL, jk, u r my bff, ttyl.