Barak: 'IDF is strong enough to conquer Gaza'

In a Facebook interview with Channel 2, Barak says there is no need to attack Gaza, but Israel is prepared for the possibility.

barak facebook 311 (photo credit: Screenshot)
barak facebook 311
(photo credit: Screenshot)
Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Channel 2 News' Facebook page that the IDF is strong enough to conquer Gaza, but that Israel does not need to launch a new attack.
"If we need to, we will act even more intensely than in the previous round in Operation Cast Lead," Barak said. "As long as we don't need to [attack], we won't."
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"The IDF is strong enough to conquer the Gaza Strip," the defense minister added.
He also said that Israel is prepared for a land incursion into Gaza, as well. "We need to know such an incursion will require a lot of force, and we need to be prepared for it to take a long time."
"We hope that the Iron Dome batteries will bring quiet to the South," Barak said, referring to the newly installed anti-missile defense system. "We do not live in fear, and I don't recommend living in fear. We have to fight, and if we continue to have faith in ourselves, we will reach our goal."
In response to a question about Gilad Schalit, Barak said that "just like all of Israel, I want to see Gilad Schalit come home quickly. This is my responsibility and the responsibility of the IDF. We look for ways to bring him back, day and night."
Barak also said that he is waiting for the day that Jonathan Pollard will come to Israel. "I gave him Israeli citizenship in prison while I was prime minister," he said. "There is no major American leader, including the American president, that I haven't spoken to" about Pollard.
Another Facebook fan asked about the Iranian threat, leading Barak to say that Iran threatens the entire Middle East, not just Israel.
"Iran is working towards getting nuclear weapons and supports terror," he explained. "The world needs to join hands and enforce sanctions on Iran, and our friends should not take any options off the table."