Three rockets fired at Eshkol, bomb detonates on Gaza border

Palestinians fire three projectiles on South; two Grad rockets reportedly hit Eilat in separate attack; no injuries reported.

Eilat rocket (photo credit: Spokesperson police southern region)
Eilat rocket
(photo credit: Spokesperson police southern region)

Palestinian terrorists fired three rockets at the Eshkol Regional council in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The projectiles slammed into open fields and failed to cause injuries or damages.

On Tuesday morning, Palestinian terrorists detonated a bomb on the border between southern Gaza and Israel. IDF sources said the explosive was planted on the Gazan side of the fence, and was an attempt to kill soldiers in the area.

The attack did not cause injuries. "Palestinian terrorists are exploiting the area west of the border to attack soldiers and Israeli civilians," an army spokeswoman said. "The IDF takes a grave view of this."

Security forces located on Tuesday afternoon the remains of two Grad rockets fired at Eilat on Monday evening.
Residents reported hearing two loud blasts in the Red Sea city, and police and the IDF spent hours searching for remnants of the projectiles fired from Sinai.
Eilat was previously attacked with rockets fired by jihadi terrorists from the Sinai Peninsula in August 2013, when the Iron Dome intercepted a Grad rocket.
In April 2013, two rockets landed in Eilat, one of which fell in a residential area and caused minor damage. At the time, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said the terrorists firing the rockets were likely members of a terrorist cell that left Gaza and used Sinai in order to attack Eilat.