How strong is the IDF? Very strong, according to online ad campaign

As IDF faces drop in motivation to join combat units, comical video campaign targets Israeli youth on social media.

IDF strong advertisement 370 (photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
IDF strong advertisement 370
(photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
Screenshot of IDF online video advertisement
Screenshot of IDF online video advertisement
The IDF launched a new online video campaign on Tuesday apparently trying to boost its image among Israeli youth with enlistment in their future.
The series of comical videos touts a "strong IDF" with quick-cutting shots of IDF combat soldiers in action.
The first video in the series shows what appears to be an elderly Arab man drinking black coffee, exclaiming, "This is strong."
The action then cuts to scenes of IDF soldiers performing valiant feats, such as parachuting and firing their weapons in pressure-packed situations, prompting the coffee-drinking man to proclaim "The IDF is strong."
The theme is continued with a similar video featuring a weightlifter issuing the catch phrase, and a third video featuring a teenage girl pounding on drums, before proclaiming "The IDF is Strong."
The video campaign, widely mocked by Facebook users, came as the IDF was facing a drop in the motivation of Israeli youths to join combat units.
A survey by the IDF's Personnel Directorate released last month showed that 70 percent of youths surveyed expressed a desire to serve in a combat unit, compared to 79% in 2010.
The Personnel Directorate is concerned over the long-term future of combat units, due to cuts to the national defense budget, and significant numbers of Israelis who continue to dodge the draft.