IAF hits five Gaza targets in response to rockets

Palestinians report buildings on fire in Khan Yunis; IDF Spokesman confirms strikes on four targets in central Strip, strike in South.

IDF IAF fighter jet takes off airstrik air strike 311 (R) (photo credit: Ho New / Reuters)
IDF IAF fighter jet takes off airstrik air strike 311 (R)
(photo credit: Ho New / Reuters)
The Air Force struck five targets in the Gaza Strip early Friday morning, following several strikes earlier Thursday, coming in response to increased rocket fire emanating from the Strip in recent days.
The IDF Spokesman's Office confirmed that the IAF struck four terror tunnels and one terror activity base in the central Gaza Strip. Another target was struck in the southern strip. A statement added that the precision strikes were identified as hitting their targets.
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Palestinian sources reported that several buildings were on fire in Khan Yunis following the strike but there were no reports of injuries.
The IDF Spokesman noted that the attacks were precision strikes and came as a response to the rocket fire in recent days. It added that the IDF holds Hamas responsible for maintaining calm in Gaza.
On Thursday, the IAF launched an airstrike on the Gaza Strip in retaliation for a rocket fired from Gaza that exploded in the Lachish area.
A direct hit was identified.
The Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that a Palestinian was injured in that IAF airstrike in eastern of Gaza.
Medical sources quoted by WAFA said the Palestinian man was lightly-to-moderately injured.
Sources in Gaza also reportedly said the targeted area suffered some damage and that Israel planes were hovering over the Strip.
Earlier police believed that a rocket that was fired from Gaza into southern Israel landed in the Lachish area.
A police bomb squad was searching for the location of impact.
Air raid sirens in local regional councils were heard before the rocket landed and residents fled for cover.
No injuries or damages were reported.